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For Over 30 Years, Everfilt has provided Water Treatment And Filtration Systems For Commercial , Industrial and Agricultural Applications.


Everfilt Water Filtration Products:

Typically Used For :

The specific types of systems manufactured include: cooling tower filters, sand and multi-media filters, activated carbon adsorbers, softeners, de-mineralizers, de-alkalizers, ion exchangers, dewatering screens, and self-cleaning screen filters (strainers).

Everfilt offers specialty media that remove dissolved organic and inorganic substances such as: iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, oils, grease, hydrocarbons, metals, inks, paints, dyes, color, odor, taste, bacteria, chromium, soaps, solvents, silica, VOC’s and many others.

Industries we’ve served include: airports, automotive, biotech, cement, chemical, clothing, coating, colleges and universities, electronics and semiconductor, animal and produce processing, foods and beverages, golf courses, hospitals, hotels, machinery and equipment, metals, mining, forest products, pulp and paper, oil refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plating, plastics and resins, power, recycling, textiles, bus, truck and car wash, decorative water features, pools, water parks, amusement parks, water parks, zoos, water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. Read More About Everfilt Water Filtration

 Benefits of Wastewater Filtration and Treatment

Water filtration and treatment allow water sources such as wells, rivers, lakes and streams to be used where raw water quality would normally not meet required standards. Wastewater filtration and treatment reduce plant water expenses by cleaning wastewater to permit its re-use. Wastewater can be re-conditioned to make it suitable for use as process water or for use in cooling, firefighting, washing and other plant activities.