Everfilt’s STB-Series™ Media Filtersare constructed using high-grade stainless steel.

Everfilt has developed a patented TURBO SCREEN™ cartridge that incorporates the strength of stainless steel wedge wire technology with a unique “Turbulator” to achieve high flow rates (over 6,600 GPM) and continuous, automatic screen cleaning. This advanced cartridge design is housed in an all stainless steel housing for long lasting performance. & All STB-Series housings are constructed of corrosion resistant & stainless steel, with easy access closures, ribbed for collapse strength and two ¼” FPT pressure taps and stainless steel corrosion resistant flanged line connections.* See our SMS-Series pressure screen filters, with flow rates from: 25 GPM — 2250 GPM. & * Or the LHS-Series self-cleaning strainer, ideally suited for removing large amounts of solids.

Everfilt Water Filtration Systems