Everfilt’s STAK-Series Screen Filtersare vertically "stacked", stainless steel screen filters.

The housing for the STAK-Series Screen Filter cartridge has easy access closure and cartridge aligner for quick removal and inspection of the filter cartridges. The housing is ribbed & for collapse strength and fitted for grooved couplings at inlet and outlet. Backwash is accomplished through the use of a quick acting hydraulically operated valve on each filter housing. & See SMS-Series-Screen Filters.The clean water from adjacent filters is used to wash one filter at a time. Thus, the unit continues to discharge filtered water even when it is in backwash. Each filter is cleaned within 15 seconds under normal operating conditions (a minimum discharge line pressure of 25 PSI is required). Full reverse flow eliminates blind spots common to through-flush systems.

Everfilt Water Filtration Systems