Everfilt’s SSM-Series Sand Media Filtersare high-grade stainless steel sand media filters.

Everfilt pioneered the design of the radial hub - stainless steel underdrain — and many manufacturers have since followed our & lead. Everfilt’s stainless steel underdrain is hydraulically balanced to ensure efficient collection of filtered water. The lateral collection screens are matched to the natural flow of water through the filter. Everfilt stainless steel sand media filters come in various sizes and configurations.During backwash, the filter bed is lifted uniformly and fully, thus achieving complete cleaning and regeneration of the media. Everfilt’s backwash valve body is made of high strength ductile iron and is coated with industrial grade epoxy — a material known for its resistance to corrosion. All-wetted surfaces are stainless steel or epoxy coated. Everfilt's SSM-Series stainless steel sand media filters are some of the best in the industry! See Our Carbon Steel Sand Media Filters options.

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