Everfilt’s & SK-SM-Series Sand Media Filters are skid-mounted water filtration systems (carbon steel).

Everfilt has taken the proven SM-Series sand media filter design and added a carbon steel skid platform, equipped with fork lift pockets for easy lifting onto a truck, trailer or moving around the project site. Having a filter station assembled and fixed-mounted, means the foundation does not require a concrete or gravel pad. Having a skid-mounted water filtration system also creates a base that does not require a completely level foundation to be assembled. & See Our Stainless Steel SK-SSM-Series Skid-Mounted Sand Media Filters.Everfilt designs and manufactures its own automatic backwash controls. User friendly control knobs, panel labeling and display lights make for & easy use of our systems. Our skid-mounted water filtration systems are all constructed with the highest quality material available and are unmatched when compared to most competitors. We ensure our systems are designed to last!

Everfilt Water Filtration Systems