Everfilt’s M-Series Filtersare high-grade, multi-media carbon steel media filters.

SS304 removable stainless steel underdrains eliminate plastic and false bottom tank design. This approach allows for replacement parts as needed to keep your project up and running. Equipped with an automatic backwash control system, using water internal to the system (unless equipped with an external backwash source option). Backwash intervals initiated by pre-set times or Everfilt PD switch included on all automatic systems. The M-Series Multi-Media Filter Systems are ideal for all industries: Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial and Municipal applications. See I-Series Iron Removal Filtration Systems for more options.Available in multiple configurations and sizes to accommodate a wide range of flow rates and filtration level requirements. The M-Series multi-media carbon steel media filters are available in 40, 30, 25, 15 and 5 micron level capabilities when configured properly. Increasing the tank jacket height and media bed depth, paired with an Everfilt specific multi-media pack, will provide a solution for your requirements, big or small.

Everfilt Water Filtration Systems