Everfilt’s CTS-Series Cooling Tower Filtersare constructed using high-grade carbon steel.

Everfilt’s carbon steel media filters are constructed using heavy 3/16” or thicker carbon steel. 304 and 316 stainless steel media filter options available. Everfilt’s heavy gauge steel assures long lasting trouble-free operation. For maximum strength, Everfilt uses a dished and flanged shape for its tank top and & bottom, so that the filter will operate even at high operating pressures or pressure differentials.The high-strength profile wire screen in the underdrain retains medias finer that No. 20 silica sand, thus eliminating the need for filter back-up screens. & The non-clogging characteristic of the screen makes it the most reliable collection system available. Everfilt is also the only manufacturer whose underdrain is all steel construction and fully welded. The CTS-Series Cooling Tower Filters are your ideal filtration system.

Everfilt Water Filtration Systems