S-1 Series centrifugal sand separators are incline (AG) based carbon steel sand separators.

Everfilt's Industry Exclusive E-Flow Design™, accelerates incoming fluid for better solids separation and maximum performance. Whether you're adding the S-Series Centrifugal Sand Separator as a pre-filter to an existing filter system or a new project, rest assured the S-1 Series Centrifugal Sand Separator will provide exceptional results, while prolonging the life of your filter system from premature wear caused by excessive sand or silt present. The (S-1) Incline Centrifugal Sand Separator is designed for applications that require high-flow capacities. (ask about our (S-2) Industrial Centrifugal Sand Separators)Our centrifugal sand separators are designed with minimal moving components, which ensures low-maintenance requirements and reduced operational cost. Everfilt’s engineers have been designing and manufacturing innovative water filtration and treatment equipment for over 40-years and continue to push the envelope in developing products that will not simply get the job done, but surpass our customers expectations. Everfilt’s water filtration systems are installed in industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural settings worldwide.

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