Everfilt’s A-Series Activated Carbon Filter Systemsare ideal (GAC) granular activated carbon media filters.

Our A-Series Activated Carbon Filter Systems work through a process known as adsorption, in which molecules are attracted to and become attached to the surface of the carbon. Activated Carbon is used in water and wastewater treatment to remove a wide range of natural and synthetic soluble organic molecules that are dissolved in solution. Molecular size varies depending upon the substance. In some applications, molecules of different sizes will need to be removed. This is an important factor because molecular size affects the selection of the specific carbon product to be used. For example, color molecules are large and are usually treated with a wood base carbon.Since adsorption is a surface phenomenon, the amount of surface area provided by the pore structure of the carbon, is an important factor in determining efficiency of molecular removal. Once the activated carbon has adsorbed the maximum amount, it must be replaced. Spent carbon is removed from the pressure vessel and can be regenerated or sent to a landfill. Read More On How Activated Carbon Media Works

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