Everfilt's & 4" Inch High-Pressure Backwash Valves & are made of high-grade ductile iron.

The service port and flush port are used instead of & “Standard Maintenance”, where severe conditions require interim maintenance.SERVICE PORTRemove rubber cover and inspect interior of the actuator housing and backwash shaft. Lubricate backwash with light weight oil or an aerosol spray (WD-40). & Hydraulically operate actuator to ensure proper operation. Replace rubber cover to & protect actuator interior.FLUSH PORTTo flush the diaphragm, remove 1/4” drain plug and manually operate the actuator control valve to initiate a backwash. Source water will enter the actuator and flush the accumulated debris out of the flush port. Repeat this cycle as required. Replace 1/4” drain plug and return actuator control valve to normal mode for proper operation.

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