Everfilt's 20DP-Pressure Gauges are superior, high-grade,proprietary components of Everfilt.

Port (A) connects to the input side of the filter. Pressure pushes diaphragm (C) forward, thus pushing the button (D), which turns the crank arm (E), which in turn moves pointer (F) to register the amount of pressure on dial (G). Port (B) connects to the outlet side of & the filter. Pressure is exerted through tube (H) and pushes on the diaphragm, thus applying pressure on both sides of the diaphragm. (See drawing 1 above)*Values in the chart are shown in PSI, (kPa/MPa) and [bar]. Values in kPa/MPa and bar are mathematical conversions from PSI-they do not reflect actual second scale range.

Everfilt Water Filtration Systems