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Water Softeners for Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Use

Everfilt manufacturers a wide range of water softeners for commercial, industrial, and municipal use.  The capacities of our water softeners range from 100 GPM to over 10 MGD. Water softeners are skid mounted, factory assembled, wired and tested.  Piping, automated valves, pressure gauges and accessories are included.  Industrial, Municipal, & Commercial water softeners are delivered ready to install.

Common Uses for Water Softeners:


  • Potable water
  • Contact process water
  • Boiler & reactor feed and make-up water
  • Cooling tower make-up water
  • High purity water
  • Large laundry and restaurant facilities
  • Protection of heat transfer elements and spray nozzles
  • Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis or deionizer systems
  • Wastewater re-use
  • Groundwater remediation

Everfilt Water Softener Systems Solve Hard Water Problems

Alkaline or “hard” water contains high levels of dissolved salts and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  The dissolved salts react with soaps and detergents, preventing lathering and interfering with the cleaning process.

Hard water also produces a hard scale which clogs pipes and obstructs heat conduction.  Alkaline water is also a cause of galvanic corrosion, in which one metal preferentially corrodes when in contact with another type of metal, when both are in contact with an electrolyte such as hard water.
Implementation of a turnkey water softening system by Everfilt extends the life of boilers and industrial machinery and pipe systems and prevents formation of scale and deposits.

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