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Pressure Screen Filters

Pressure screen filters (sometimes called strainers) remove suspended solids by pushing dirty water through openings in a filter element.  These filters operate under pressure, which forces dirty water through the openings.  Particles that are larger than the size of the openings are blocked.  Water containing particles that are smaller than the openings pass out of the filter, resulting in cleaner (or filtered) water.

Different types of screens are used by different manufacturers.  Everfilt uses stainless steel wedge wire (sometimes called “V” wire).  This wire is extremely strong.  It will not change shape as some types of perforated mesh or plate will.  The advantage of this strength is that the openings in the filter element remains a consistent size throughout different pressures and, as a result, the wedge wire produces uniform filtration.

Everfilt manufactures four different types of screen filters.  Everfilt’s engineers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate type of screen filter for your application.  The major parameters used in selecting the type of filter are presented below:

Model Typical Flow Max. TSS Max. Mesh Smallest Solid Cleaning
SMS 25-1125 GPM 50 ppm 200 75 micron backwashing
STAKflter 600-6200 GPM 50 ppm 200 75 micron backwashing
STS Turbo 100-3600 GPM 50 ppm 150 100 micron forward flushing
STB Turbo 170-6650 GPM 1000 ppm 100 150 micron forward flushing – continuous

Everfit’s engineering design offers the following advantages:

  • There are no gears or motors required for operation – so maintenance and repair costs are minimal.
  • Access to a single filter cartridge can be done without shutting down the entire unit.
  • Stainless steel construction is standard.
  • Units can be expanded in the future without replacing existing equipment.
  • The patented Turbulator on STS and STB models create a hydrocyclone-like action without requiring high inlet pressures.

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