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Sand Media Filter Operation

sand-operation1Raw water enters the media filter through the backwash valve, over the dual stage water deflector, and through the sand bed. The filtered water then passes through the gravel pack and is collected through the stainless steel underdrain and discharged out the bottom.  The “media retaining” design of Everfilt’s underdrain prevents media from leaving the filter.

The superiority of the sand media filter process is its huge capacity to entrap particulate matter; the even penetration of water through the entire sand bed without causing water channels; and the non-clogging underdrain. Contact us or call 1-800-360-8380 to speak with a water filtration engineer.

Backwash Operation

The backwash valve is opened by hand or by an automatic valve. This shuts off the incoming raw water and opens the backwash port to a near atmospheric condition. Pressurized filtered water from adjacent filter(s) is forced through the stainless steel underdrain, upward through the gravel pack, expanding the sand bed, forcing the lighter particulate matter out the backwash line. Reversing the backwash valve returns the unit to the filter operation.

Everfilt’s unique underdrain uniformly filtered water so that the maximum debris is separated from the sand in the shortest time period.


Automatic Valve Actuation

Valve Actuation is accomplished by using the hydraulic power of the water source to move or actuate the backwash valve in and out. The electrical signal from the electronic control energizes a solenoid valve, which allows the hydraulic pressure of the water source to push against a piston compressing a spring, opening the backwash valve. De-energizing the solenoid valve allows the hydraulic pressure to bleed off of the piston, allowing the spring to expand, retracting the piston, closing the valve.

Everfilt also manufactures sand filters and multi media filters which remove suspended solids and turbidity, while media filters typically remove other types of contaminants present as dissolved substances. Call 1-800-360-8380 for more information regarding our water filtration and media filtration systems.

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