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Deionizers (Demineralizers) and Dealkalizers

Ion Exchange Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Pharmaceutical Use

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Everfilt manufacturers a wide range of deionizers, demineralizers and dealkalizers with capacities from 25 GPM to over 10 MGD.  These ion exchange systems are skid mounted, factory assembled, wired and tested.  Piping, automated valves, pressure gauges and accessories are included.  The deionizers, demineralizers and dealkalizers are delivered ready to install.   Complete ion exchange systems include automated caustic and acid injection packages, brine maker (where required) and system controls via a PLC with touch screen operator interface.  Operation of the system can be integrated with an existing plant DCS. Contact us or call 1-800-360-8380 to speak with an engineer about your ion exchange system requirements.

Everfilt also manufacturers a wide range of water softeners with capacities from 100 GPM to over 10 MGD and our activated carbon water filtration systems are skid mounted, factory assembled, wired, and hydro-tested.

ion-exchangeOnly premium grade cation and anion resins are utilized.  The type and amount of resin are engineered to the characteristics of the raw water and the desired finished water quality.  Available designs include:

  • dual-bed
  • multi-bed
  • mixed bed and
  • counter flow
  • Cation and anion exchangers only are also available instead of complete systems.
Deionizers, demineralizers and dealkalizers are commonly used where high purity water is required for process water, boiler feed water and reactor feed water in industries such as:
  • energy
  • electronics
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • textiles
  • ceramics
  • electroplating
  • food and beverage

Features of Everfilt deionizers, demineralizers and dealkalizers include:

  • Sandblasted and epoxy-lined tanks and pipe spools with an exterior epoxy primer and enamel finish coat to maximize corrosion resistance (rubber lining is also available)
  • Stainless steel inlet distributor and effluent collector inside each softener
  • Sandblasted skids with an epoxy primer plus enamel finish coat
  • Automated electric butterfly valves mounted in easy-access locations
  • Regeneration initiated by time, volume of water processed or metered water quality
  • PLC control of entire regeneration process
  • Caustic and acid injection packages with VFD metering pumps, flow meters, automated valves, check valves and piping
  • Brine maker (where required) with salt level indication system, water level control system, and dust collection assembly

Call 1-800-360-8380 to speak with an ion exchange system engineer regarding deionizers, demineralizers and dealkalizers.