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Cooling Water Filters

Everfilt’s cooling tower filters and cooling water filters offer a practical and efficient means of reducing maintenance and downtime of condensers, heat exchangers and cooling towers. They also reduce costly replacements of pump casings and seals, valve seals and other process components.

The most widely used type of filter for this purpose is a side stream sand filter. The sand filter removes particles as small as 5 micron and is the preferred type of filter because it removes both organic and inorganic particles and has a high “dirt holding” capacity.

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The Importance of Cooling Water Filters

Dirt, grit, sand, and microorganisms cause problems for pumps, valve seals, nozzles, condensers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and other mechanical components. These problems increase operating costs, decrease the performance of equipment, and lead to more system shut downs for cleaning.

Cooling Water Filters are available in single or multiple vessel packages, with pump mounted to the system. These are usually set up as side stream systems, filtering from 2-10% of the water circulating in the cooling loop.

Cooling Tower Filter / Cooling Water Filter Specifications

  • Flows from 25 GPM to over 5,000 GPM
  • Factory assembled, wired and tested
  • Skid mounting optional
  • Automatic or manual operation

These filters have heavy-duty construction and are intended to withstand outdoor service. Filters and face piping are available either in sandblasted and coated carbon steel or stainless steel. Filter internals are all welded, 304 stainless steel assemblies. They will last the life of the filter and never crack, as happens with plastic internals.

Standard backwash controls are automatic solid state electronics in a Nema 3R or 4 enclosure. PLC controls are also available. The control unit is fully programmed and offers field adjustable settings. The unit is offered as a complete package, including pump, valves, piping, filter media and accessories. Backwashing is initiated either by a pre-set time interval or pressure differential override.

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