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How to Improve the Performance of RO Units

Membrane filtration is a very effective way to remove dissolved substances in water. However, the membranes can become quickly clogged or fouled if the water has not been pre-treated appropriately. First, suspended solids 5 micron and larger need to be removed. This may involve a single step using a 5 micron multi-media filter. Or, if the concentration of suspended solids is high, a clarifier, a DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) unit, or a hydro-cyclone filter may be needed prior to the multi-media filter in order to remove the larger suspended solids.

Once the particles larger than 5 micron have been removed and any remaining smaller particles are at a low concentration, attention has to turn to the removal of dissolved organics. This is accomplished by installing an activated carbon filter. In cases where the water going to the membranes is hard, a water softener should also be part of the treatment process.

This may sound like a long, complicated process, but pre-treating water before it reaches membranes is essential to maintain optimum efficiency of the membranes and minimize maintenance and replacement. A water analysis, including a particle size distribution, would go a long way in helping Broken Arrow understand which pre-treatment steps are needed to solve its current problem.  Algae is an immediate problem, but it may not be the only issue that should be addressed.

Some Guidelines for the Selection of Filters to Reduce Particles

When one of the goals of treating water is to reduce the concentration of particles (called suspended solids), several different types of filters can be effective…but they will not all be equally effective under all circumstances.  Selecting the most appropriate filter requires some laboratory testing of a sample of the water.  The two most helpfulContinue Reading

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Filter Selection

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Filter Selection

Choosing the right type of filter is essential to solving your water problems or achieving a desired goal.  It takes time to find the right filter and the best vendor, and most of us have too little time to get everything done. However, taking too little time to find the best filter can cost youContinue Reading

How to Eliminate Blocked Spray Nozzles

If you are using spray nozzles in your operation and are having to replace them frequently due to blockage, you can eliminate the problem through filtration.  The water contains particles larger than the orifices of the spray nozzles, so they block the nozzles upon reaching them.  Removing particles larger than the orifice eliminates the problem.Continue Reading

How to Make Cloudy or Opaque Water Clear

When water has a cloudy appearance or when the water is opaque, the cause is usually a high concentration of color molecules or a very high concentration of suspended solids that are 5 micron or smaller in size.  How the water is treated so that it becomes clear depends on whether the problem is resultingContinue Reading

What to Do When Your Filter Stops Performing

Here are some strategies others have used to solve this problem.  Which one would you choose? A. Go on vacation suddenly and hope the problem is solved by the time you return B. Assign a junior subordinate the task of solving the problem  (If he/she fails, your reputation isn’t tainted) C. Tell your boss that a new filterContinue Reading

Are you Using Coagulants?

Adding coagulants to wastewater can greatly improve the efficiency of removing suspended solids. This is particularly true when there are substantial numbers of very small particles.  However, the flocs created by most coagulants are typically “sticky” and will adhere to filter media with which they come into contact. This occurs most frequently when the filterContinue Reading

Tips for Getting the Best Performance from your Filter

Every filter has a range of operating conditions within which it will yield optimum results.  If the characteristics of the water to be filtered or operating practices fall outside the range, filter performance will not meet expectations. Before purchasing a filter, you should ask the manufacturer to describe the conditions under which the filter willContinue Reading

Treating Backwash Water to Eliminate Discharge Costs

If you have a filter that is cleaned via backwashing, you’re faced with the problem of getting rid of that water.  In most places, the water cannot be discharged legally to the storm drain or sanitary sewer.  Discharging it to the ground on the facility’s property can contaminate the soil, (depending on the type of particlesContinue Reading

Iron Removal from Water and Wastewater

Noticing that water has a reddish/brown color, or that it contains what appears to be tiny rust-colored flakes are usually signs that…   the water contains iron or that pipes and/or boilers are corroded Differentiating between these two causes is important, because it affects the type of treatment that will be most effective in resolvingContinue Reading