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Passion For Water Filtration

Everfilt is a group of individuals who are passionate for that they do. Working through the weekend is no question to meet the demand of our customers. Everfilt demands nothing but the best for our customers in all industries, Irrigation filters, Industrial filters, commercial filters. For more details and specifications please see the entire line of Everfilt products.


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Why Filter your Cooling Water?

Many facilities have cooling water that circulates in a continuous loop. As the water comes into contact with machines and equipment, it picks up particles. If the water is not filtered, those particles foul pumps, heat exchangers, chillers and cooling towers, resulting in downtime and maintenance costs to clean that equipment. The most effective type of filterContinue Reading

Storm Water Treatment Can Add To The Bottom Line!

In areas where there is substantial annual rainfall, re-conditioning that water and using it for cooling water make-up, firefighting, wash down, landscape irrigation or other non-potable purposes can reduce the cost of purchasing  water and drop dollars to the bottom line.  Many firms already treat their storm water in order to meet local discharge regulations. Continue Reading

Is Activated Carbon The Only Way To Remove Color From Water?

Activated carbon is the most common method of removing color from water, but it is not always the most appropriate method.  Sometimes the color in water comes from very small particles of suspended solids and not from dissolved solids.  The particles imparting the color are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye,Continue Reading

Using Ultrapure Water For Industrial Processes

Many firms need very high quality water in order to manufacture a product that’s competitive in today’s demanding marketplace.  Waterprofessionals.com defines, “ultrapure” water as “water which meets stringent limits on several or all of the following: dissolved and suspended solids, organic carbon, dissolved gases and biological organisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, pyrogens).” Firms that typically requireContinue Reading