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Automated System Control

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Everfilt offers systems operated either manually or automatically. When automated operation is desired, Everfilt offers one of many different control packages. Each is tailored to the functions each type of unit requires, plus the customer’s requirements for communication of data to a central monitoring station.

When the only function required of a system is a backwash cycle and perhaps relays to indicate parameters such as whether power is on, whether a backwash cycle is in progress, Everfilt’s 94B Series of backwash controllers is a highly cost-effective solution.

94B Series controllers are offered in three sizes:

  • -4 and -4L which controls up
    to four filters
  • -8L which controls up to 8 filters
  • -12L which controls up to 12 filters

The control unit uses solid state electronics housed in a Nema 3R or higher enclosure. (explosion proof enclosures are also available.) The unit is fully programmed, but operators can easily adjust parameters at the panel. Backwashing is initiated at a pre-set time interval, when a differential pressure set point is reached, or on manual command. The unit includes a DP switch. Mode lamps indicate when a backwash cycle is underway. UL listed controls are also available.

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When air scour is required as part of the backwash cycle, this control unit can be modified to control actuators that use multi-stop positions.

PLC’s – Everfilt offers PLC’s programmed to receive input from a wide variety of devices such as flow meters/totalizers; pressure gauges; turbidity meters; and pH, ORP and Cl monitors. PLC’s receive signals from level sensors, they start and stop pumps and air blowers, adjust the output of chemical metering pumps, send alarm signals, and provide operating information to remote control/monitoring stations. The functions of each PLC are reviewed with each customer to make sure it is programed to provide the functionality and communications required. A variety of PLC hardware and software systems are available. Explosion proof enclosures and UL listing are also available

Solar Power – is also available on all Everfilt systems. The package is installed on the system and includes the solar panel, mounting bracket, deep cell marine battery and battery box, all and required wiring. In cases where both solar power and electric power may be needed at different times, a voltage conversion box is offered.

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