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Activated Carbon Filters (Adsorbers)

Activated Carbon Water Filtration Systems For Water Color Removal, Water Odor Removal and Taste Control – Carbon Filters

Removal of Dissolved Organics – VOC’s – Color, Odor, Taste

Everfilt activated carbon water filtration systems are skid mounted, factory assembled, wired, and hydro-tested. Carbon adsorbers are delivered ready for installation. Gauges, meters and valves are included for our activated carbon adsorbers. Everfilt also manufacturers a wide range of deionizers, demineralizers, and dealkalizers with capacities from 25 GPM to over 10 MGD.

Where a carbon adsorber size requires on-site installation, the entire system is pre-assembled and tested at the factory to assure proper fit-up, performance and carbon adsorption. The carbon adsorber filter system is then shipped in pre-assembled modules to reduce the time required for on-site installation.

Over 50 pre-engineered activated carbon water filtration systems make it possible to choose the most cost effective size for any application.

You’re not limited to a fixed number of standard filter systems. If your application requires special sizing and/or features, our engineers will design a custom activated carbon water filtration system to your specifications.

Backwashing valves with automatic or manual operation can be included to extend carbon life. A wide variety of valve and actuator types can be specified for your carbon adsorber system. Quick connect couplings are available to speed carbon change-outs.

Detention time and quantity of carbon are also tailored to your specific requirements. Sizing is determined by: the flow to be treated, the contaminant(s) to be removed, their concentration, and the desired length of run time between carbon change-outs. Everfilt’s applications engineers discuss your requirements with you and recommend the most effective configuration. Call us at 1-800-360-8380 to consult with an engineer today!

Multi-media pre-filters and disinfection modules are available for integration with your carbon system.

Design Features of Activated Carbon Adsorbers:

  • Adsorbers from 12 in. to 12 ft OD.
  • Single or multiple carbon adsorber systems
  • In series or in parallel operation
  • Automatic or manual valves
  • ASME code or non-code vessels
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction

Available Carbon Types:

  • Coal
  • Wood
  • Coconut shell
  • Bone Char
  • Lignite
  • Bamboo
  • Impregnated