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About Everfilt "The Water Filtration People"

Water Filtration

Everfilt has been a manufacturer of water filtration products for over 30 years. The company introduced the concept of using high strength stainless steel wedgewire as the basis for it’s under-drain design. The design was chosen as an alternative to the sometimes fragile epoxy cake system. Contact us or call us today at 1-800-360-8380 to consult with an Everfilt applications engineer.

Company sales in the mid to the late 1980’s consisted of mainly large government projects in the middle east where Everfilt’s philosophy of rugged and simple design was continuously tested and proven.

In 1989, the company strategy was modified to expand its marketing plan to include a wider variety of domestic and international markets. Everfilt continues to expand its market share and to provide extensive water analysis premium water filtration equipment for systems ranging from the worlds largest and most complex to the smallest manual installations, including:

Water Filtration Technology Center

Industry Leaders in water filtration technology…

Everfilt’s engineers have been designing and manufacturing innovative water filtration and treatment equipment since 1978. Everfilt’s water filtration systems are installed in industrial, municipal, commercial, and agricultural settings worldwide.

Our water filtration systems are suitable for water and any low viscosity liquid (such as coolants, solvents, cutting and honing oils). Everfilt’s design philosophy emphasizes streamlined engineering and a modular concept using proven technology. Durability and operating reliability are primary goals. The result is a cost-effective system engineered to your specific requirements. Factory assembly, wiring and skid mounting allow Everfilt to ship a complete system – ready for connection to supply lines and power. Everfilt’s patented and proprietary technologies handle flow rates from 1 GPM to 10,000 GPM and solids loadings up to 25 percent. Solids removal to 0.2 microns can be achieved. Everfilt’s activated carbon and ion exchange systems effectively remove or reduce organic and ionic substances. In addition, we offer a wide array of other granular adsorbents and absorbents that are effective in removing nearly 200 dissolved substances.

Providing Water Filtration Analysis

Extensive packaged systems are engineered to your requirements. Everfilt’s patented and proprietary technologies handle flow rates from 1 GPM to 10,000 GPM and solids loading up to 25 percent. Solids removal to 0.2 microns can be achieved along with the removal/reduction of a wide range of dissolved organics and inorganics.

Providing Water Filtration Analysis – Water Filtration Problem Solving

Everfilt is in business to provide solutions, not just to sell equipment. As a result, our engineers will not recommend an Everfilt product unless there is high level of confidence that it’s the right solution for your needs. Our extensive field experience aids in this process. But where we lack sufficient information, we’ll undertake a laboratory water analysis of your liquid sample. The results form the basis of our recommendations and system design to you. Everfilt’s wide array of modular components allows us to manufacture an effective turnkey system, engineered to your requirements, that will operate reliably for many years.

Municipal, Commercial & Industrial Water Filtration Applications:

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Cooling Towers/Cooling Water Filtration
  • Process Water Preparation
  • Potable Water
  • High Purity Water
  • Boiler Feed & Make-up Water
  • Solids Separation
  • Solids Recovery
  • Storm Water Run-Off